If you called around for quotes on house painting services and other interior painting services this past summer you may have run into higher prices and longer wait times. Most local painters, along with many other trades professionals, were buried with home owners wanting interior painting quotes.  Most home improvement industry experts attribute the increase in demand for home services to the pandemic. With more people spending time at home, not only are more eyes on the "imperfections" but many home owners are putting money into making their homes feel more comfortable.  In addition, many trades people, including interior painters, had a difficult time finding people to hire - an issue that remains unresolved.  (If you know someone looking for a job as an interior painter, have them fill out our contact us page or call Scott Richardson at 440-554-4188.)

Five Reasons to Get Your Interior Painting Done this Winter

  1. Resin shortages had caused a supply chain issue with interior paint products. These are expected to normalize by early 2022.
  2. Professional painters are usually slow in the winter and busy in the summer. Taking advantage of a slower winter can mean your interior painting will get done quicker, with less jobs in the painter's pipeline.
  3. Paint dries faster with less humidity and winter months are much dryer.
  4. Getting your home improvement projects done this winter means by spring you'll be available to enjoy your home, your yard and entertain friends and family.
  5. Give the gift of interior painting. What could make a better Christmas gift for that spouse who was not looking forward to the DIY house painting you had planned this winter. (When to DIY a Paint Job and When to Hire a Professional)


North Olmsted Interior Painting Services

Home Painting Services

At Richardson Painting we pride ourselves on our reputation of being attentive to detail, having a steady hand and never cutting corners. We're known in the North Olmsted, Westlake, Rocky River area for our amazing results painting detailed woodworking in older homes - an interior painting project not to be taken lightly, as well as perfect results with more challenging painting jobs like built-ins, cabinetry, wallpaper removal and painting coffered ceilings.

Some of our interior house painting jobs are represented below. Call for more details or to schedule a free quote for interior painting services.

Home Project This Winter: Interior Painting
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