Pressure Washing & Painting of Rear Deck

Scroll through the gallery on this page to see the details of this project in a gorgeous Bay Village home.  This deck was built in the 90's and covered with a coat of paint.  However, when the homeowner attempted to maintain the deck with occasional sponge-washing, because the paint was such low quality, the deck couldn't be washed without taking the paint off the deck.  Because the homeowner didn't want to remove the paint, the deck really couldn't be washed for the last ten plus years. 

High Quality Paint Makes Deck Maintenance Easier

Because Richardson Painting & Pressure Washing only uses the highest quality paint, not only do you save money because less coats are needed, but the paint job is easier to maintain with a simple sponge washing or hose washing - depending on the amount of time between washing and the amount of dirt and debris that has built-up. 

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Bay Village: Wood Deck Pressure Washing & Painting Project
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