Experienced Interior House Painter Job Opening. Hiring Now.

Interior House Painting: Easy Job. Great Pay.

Scott Richardson, owner of Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing, is hiring one to two experienced house painters right away. Let's face it, interior house painting isn't rocket science but we'll only hire someone with a good work ethic, respect and reliability. If you have experience as an interior house painter and you want a nice, easy job with good pay, no drama and a nice boss, then fill out this job application form immediately.

Why Work as an Interior House Painter?

If you're the right candidate you have either worked for a interior house painter before, run your own painting company or you're a painter now. So, why would you work for Scott Richardson? How is Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing any different than what you've experienced? Maybe you enjoyed painting but didn't like dealing with your boss or painting company - the other crew members not showing up, the boss being a little hard to get along with and the painting company prioritizing the bottom line over the end result. That's how Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing is different.

First, Scott prioritizes quality over all else. Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing is a small outfit. For several months out of the year it's just Scott doing all the estimating, pressure washing and painting. When he can get the help, he hires a crew with one other painter and a painter's assistant. Running small, reliable crews makes the environment on every job enjoyable. Ninety percent of his business is word-of-mouth and personal referrals. His clients are so pleased with his painting that they hire him again and refer him to their friends.  When you work for Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing you don't deal with unreliable crew members or cranky bosses. You just relax and get lost in your work - enjoying the simplicity of a job well done and a customer that is absolutely thrilled with your painting skills.

Interior House Painter Job Requirements:

  • experience painting
  • valid drivers license
  • reliable

Interior House Painter Job Description:

Pay: $16-20/hour based on experience and fit for the job. Paid weekly.
Full-time. Estimated 8AM to 4PM, depending on job and client needs.

The right candidate will arrive on site - typically a residential home or small business in North Olmsted, Westlake, Avon, Avon Lake, Bay Village, Rocky River area.  With direction and help from Scott, and occasionally one to two other crew members:

  • prepare the site
  • paint the site
  • clean up the site

Fill out the form on this page and Scott will be in touch. He is looking to hire the right person immediately - even if you're only available for a few months, if you have experience, don't require training and can just be put to work right away, let's get started!



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