Removing Old Wallpaper with Water Damage

This North Olmsted home had experienced a slow leak in the bathroom that left the drywall paper separated from the drywall and the wallpaper impossible to remove without exposing the brown paper layer of drywall. Many home owners can tackle a wallpaper removal job themselves. It  can be very time consuming and messy which is why so many home owners look for a professional painter that will perform the wallpaper removal as part of the painting service. However, this job was much more advanced and would not be recommended as a DIY project.

Hire a Wallpaper Removal Professional When Drywall Damage is Present

When hiring a professional painting contractor, if you have the time and want to save some money, some home owners take the wallpaper off themselves. Occasionally the painting company will direct the home owner to remove it themselves because wallpaper removal isn't part of the service they offer. At Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing we're happy to remove your wallpaper before painting and are proud to offer excellent wallpaper removal services.  We have the skill of wallpaper removal down to a science, so if the room you want painted is currently wallpapered, Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing of North Olmsted is a good choice for a local painting contractor.

If you choose to remove your wallpaper on your own, think twice when noticing any type of drywall damage.  In this case the brown paper was exposed as a result of the drywall paper coming off from the moisture of the bathroom and leak from ceiling. Professionals know how best to contain drywall damage and will take the proper steps to prep and seal the area before mudding, skim-coating or floating the wall.

Professional Wallpaper Removal and Prep Before Painting

Have you ever seen bubbles under a painted wall and wondered - how is this wall bubbling when there's no wallpaper? That effect happens when the drywall is not prepped and sealed correctly. Unfortunately the only way to fix these bubbles is to sand off the paint, get the wall back down to the exposed brown-paper layer of the damaged drywall. That is why it is critical when you know a wallpaper removal job will result in damaged drywall, that you are working with a professional painter that specializes in wallpaper removal and proper preparation of drywall before painting.

At Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing we have decades of experience removing wallpaper, properly prepping walls, including skim-coating, to deliver the most professional finished product when painting your home.  Call Scott Richardson or fill out a free painting quote form to find out how soon Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing can tackle your wallpaper removal and painting projects.

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