Duplex in Lakewood Gets Fresh Paint Job Before Renting or Selling

At Richardson Painting we were happy to get this interior painting job in Lakewood, Ohio. A professional painting company or painting contractor that uses high quality materials and attention to detail can deliver a new, clean look to your rental property or house to help get premium rental tenants or sell the house for the right price. Although paint may seem simple, with the right colors, painted professionally, a new interior paint job in this Lakewood property was like putting up fresh new walls. As a rental property owner, a new interior painting job can help get the best tenants, or a better selling price if putting the house on the market.

Interior Painting Lakewood Attracts Quality Tenants or Higher Sale Price

The owner of this Lakewood duplex was finally in the situation to have both tenants out of the property since its purchase. If you buy and sell houses to flip or rent than you know what it's like to inherit tenants when you find a property with potential and then wait until those tenants have moved on so that you can fix up your property.  This Lakewood duplex was in need of floor refinishing and new paint. Although that can be a substantial investment for a rental property, any landlord in Lakewood will tell you that competition for quality tenants is fierce. Tenants that pay regularly, treat your property like their own and are a low risk are worth enticing with refinished floors, new paint and appliances. Investing $5K in putting fresh paint and new floors in this Lakewood home will either result in attracting higher quality tenants that are lower maintenance and make the property more profitable OR this Lakewood duplex owner will sell the Lakewood duplex and that $5,000 investment will be more than recouped in the sale price.

Painting Company with Local Painting Contractor

Scott Richardson of Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing completed this interior paint job in a few days at this Lakewood duplex. Scott and his crew used only the highest quality paint on all the interior walls, creating a more neutral look with white doors and trim and an interior color that looks classy and modern in this old Lakewood home.

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Interior Painting in Lakewood: Professional Paint Job to Help Rent or Sell
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