Wainscot Painting

Wainscot Painting

Is wainscoting out of style? Not at all! Watch any home improvement show and wainscoting is added to bring style, dimension and class to the look of a room or space.  Alessandra Wood, the vice president of style for the interior designer Modsy, was quoted in Insider:

"Dark wainscoting is a trend that has blown up in the design world in 2021 and will continue to rule 2022," she said. "Wainscoting in a deep, saturated color is popular because it leans into the moody color trend, adding an elevated look to any room with features that make the space look much more expensive.  It's easy to get this look, even in cookie-cutter houses, and makes any space feel like a regal, old home," she added.

Local Painter for Wainscot Painting

Attention to detail is our specialty so when it comes to painting wainscoting you want to call Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing of North Olmsted. Whether your wainscoting has tiny grooves, like beadboard wainscoting, or is the more formal flat panel and raised panel wainscoting, you'll want a painter that knows what they're doing. There are several steps to painting wainscoting that you won't want to skip. Most people pay a professional painter to paint wainscoting because the several steps involved make the job substantially more time-intense.  So save yourself some time and let the professionals at Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing paint your wainscoting, wood cabinets, built-ins, coffered ceilings, woodwork and other detailed painting projects.

Local Painting Contractor for Your Wainscot Painting

Scott Richardson of Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing completed this interior paint job at this North Olmsted, Ohio home with the highest quality paint to stand up to wear and tear, as well as washing.

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Wainscot Painting in North Olmsted.
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