Should You Use a Professional Painter or Do it Yourself?

Is it worth it to use a local painting contractor? When thinking about painting the interior of your home it can be daunting. Where to start? How do I fill the holes? How do I remove wallpaper? Do I clean the walls first? Do I use painters' tape, frog tape, or just a steady hand around the trim? What products do I use? What do I need to do the job? Tarps, brushes, rollers, pans, paint, primer, painters tape, etc.?

After watching a few YouTube videos, googling "DIY painting tips" and thinking about making the list - only to get lost in the basement or garage trying to find those tarps and paint brushes you were sure you had somewhere, you may get to the moment of clarity - you would save the hassle and get a better paint job if you hired a professional painting contractor.

At Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing we have the proper tools to do the job correctly. We know how to prepare the surface for a quality painting job and we know what products to use for different situations. Our clients don't have to mess with a materials list, look for old tarps and rollers in the garage and wonder if it's worth saving a couple bucks a gallon to get the lesser quality paint. We take that whole hassle out of the job - we use Sherwin Williams Paint so we use less of it. When homeowners and low-quality painting contractors use cheaper paint, you have to use more of it to get the coverage you want. More paint means more time - and what's worse is that cheap paint scuffs up easier leaving your walls looking like they need to be repainted again within months! We use the best paint to minimize time, saving you money, while leaving you with the highest-quality finish to last until you want a different color.

Picking a Color for Your Painting Project

There are many different things to consider when you decide to paint your home or even one room. If the room is small many home owners prefer using a lighter color to make the room look bigger, but they can be disappointed with the end result because they really wanted some color in there. One way we can accomplish this is to paint the walls a light color to make the room look bigger while painting the trim a darker color. This will really make a room pop.

At Richardson Painting we get a lot of referrals from Realtors whose clients are sprucing the house up with a fresh coat of paint to sell the home. In that case, consider choosing a paint color that is trending. Working with Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing gives you an advantage to know what the most popular paint colors are, even if you don’t care for the color, it will help the house sell faster.

Professional Painting by Scott Richardson

When you choose Richardson Painting & Pressure Washing of North Olmsted to paint your home we are happy to consult you through these decisions during the free quoting process. So don't bother searching for your old tarps and paint rollers in the basement or garage and just leave your painting project to Scott Richardson of Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing. Call 440-554-4188 or fill out this contact us form for a free quote today.

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Using a Quality Local Painting Contractor Saves You So Much Hassle – It’s Worth it!
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