Why Use a Professional Pressure Washer in N. Olmsted?

Many people think pressure washing, or power washing, is the process of buying some pressure washing solution at Home Depot or Lowes, hooking it up to their house and taking about one hour to spray the house with a non-working bio degradable solution and then rinsing it off.  And after the average home owner does that a few times, realizes that it does spray off the algae and mildew and looks noticeable brighter and cleaner for about 3 months, they don't understand why the green and grey growth returns so quickly.

Do It Yourself House Pressure Washing

If you need a quick fix and don't mind that the look of a bright clean surface is only temporary, then pressure washing your house on your own might be just what you need, but if you want a long term solution, there is more to it. Anyone can spray their house with the amazing "As Seen on TV" and well-marketed products at the big box stores, and they will get the green algae "off" but what most of us don't realize is that the roots from the green algae, mold and mildew embed themselves into the paint or vinyl siding of your house, so these sprays are not getting at the roots, which is why the algae and mold, mildew or other growth returns so quickly.

Professional Pressure Washing by Richardson Painting & Pressure Washing

When you choose Richardson Painting & Pressure Washing of N. Olmsted to pressure wash your home, we spray the home down with a chlorine solution. Chlorine is the only substance that will kill the roots. Then we pressure wash the whole house, getting not only the algae, mold and other substances off the house but also killing the roots of any growth that had taken hold. This process takes an average of four hours but has the longest lasting effect!

Pressure Washing Patios, Decks, Driveways and Sidewalks

When we pressure wash driveways, sidewalks, concrete patios, wood and or composite decks. The pressure washing professionals of Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing also use a chlorine mixture to kill the algae, mold and mildew that grows in the cracks and crevices of patios, decks, sidewalks, pavers and decks. Without this step, the algae, mold and mildew - the culprit for that dirty appearance of surfaces will reoccur quickly - and who has time to pressure wash their pavers or deck every other weekend? So call our professional pressure washers in N. Olmsted and enjoy your spring and summer months without dealing with the continuous need to pressure wash yourself.

Will Pressure Washing with Chlorine Kill My Plants?

One question we always get from the customer is “will the chlorine kill my plants?” The answer is yes - if you poured our chlorine treatment directly onto your thirsty plants, they would die - which is why it kills the growth on your home's surfaces. But the pressure washing professionals of Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing take great care to water the plants thoroughly before a chlorine treatment so the roots of your plants are saturated with fresh water. We also use a heavily diluted solution of chlorine - the perfect balance to kill the roots of the bad growth while seemingly not upsetting the landscaping. For over 15 years of pressure washing we’ve had no complaints about killing someone’s plants.

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