Rear Brick Paver Patio Power Wash in Westlake

Do you have a patio that is starting to look old and dirty? Are you missing the way your patio looked after you just laid your patio pavers? A backyard patio gets a lot of foot traffic between parties, hanging out with family and friends, and just normal wear and tear.  If your patio has lost that original look and is covered in dirt, moss, mold, algae, and other debris then give us a call at Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing and we will give you a free estimate.

Deciding To Hire a Professional Power Washer

This Westlake homeowner had recently gotten new landscaping and felt that their dingy looking patio was pulling down the overall appeal of their backyard landscape. They have gorgeous flower beds that were freshly mulched and they had a small walkway leading to the brick pavers. The owners wanted to be able to enjoy their entire landscape like they did back when their brick pavers had first been laid. So they made the right decision and had Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing to come treat their brick pavers. The professionals at Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing will always use the best, highest quality treatments in order to give their customers the most long lasting clean that they can.

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Westlake Power Washing of a Brick Paver Patio
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