Exterior Painting of this N. Olmsted Garage

Know your N. Olmsted garage or home needs a new layer of exterior paint but don't know how to get ivy or other vegetation off the exterior walls?  Check out the pictures of this exterior paint job we did in N. Olmsted that started with a garage covered in ivy, roots and vegetation. This garage needed a new layer of paint and to be able to apply it our team of expert painters needed to remove the ivy first.

Ivy Causes Damage to Garage Walls

Although creeping ivy may look good on old brick buildings, the plant causes a lot of harm to wooden walls like the exterior of this North Olmsted garage. The ivy roots grow and spread by finding cracks and crevices in wooden structures, widening the fissures to allow moisture in. This quickens the wood rotting process causing the need for new wood replacements much sooner than usually necessary. The ivy may also harbor wood eating insects that can and will destroy your wood. As for other structures made of stone or brick unless the mortar or bricks are loose, cracked or crumbling the ivy will look good without causing damage.

Removal of Ivy and Vegetation

First our team of experts will use a special formula to kill the vegetation, in this case ivy that had covered exterior garage walls. Then we will do a light pressure washing to remove the dead ivy's small, stuck on roots. Important to apply proper technique as not to ruin the exterior walls that have already been mostly compromised by the growth of the ivy. Lastly we primed the garage exterior walls for new coat of our highest quality exterior paint to ensure that the color lasts for years.

Highest Quality Exterior Paint

For the garage we used our highest quality exterior paint for a long lasting color and performance. Exterior paint is a thicker and tougher paint than interior paint that is also mildew resistant. Exterior paint is also designed to help fight against the affects of weather. 

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