Trim and House Painting of Tudor Home in Westlake, OH

Scroll through the gallery of this exterior paint job performed by Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing by clicking on the images on this page.  This exterior house painting job was a project on a Tudor-Style home in Westlake, Ohio

High Quality Exterior Paint by Sherwin Williams

This Westlake home is a Tudor style, often associated with elegance and wealth.  This style of Tudor home is one of the most common Tudor designs with a brick pattern on the exterior of the first story and a second story of stucco and ornamental half-timbering, or the exposed framework of wood on the exterior.  However elegant and classy, these Tudor homes are especially prone to leaks and moisture problems  when water is trapped between the timbers and the stucco. In order to properly maintain such a beautiful home it is recommended to get at least the timbers painted regularly and have the contractor caulk between the stucco and wood trim to eliminate the dangers of having these gorgeous timbers rot out.

Although we didn't get real detailed pictures of this project, the homeowner contracted with Richardson Painting and Pressure Washing to:

  • paint the wood trim, also referred to as the ornamental half-timbering, or timbers
  • paint the stucco, also referred to as stucco siding, or just siding
  • scraped all old caulking and debris between the siding and trim
  • added new, higher quality, longest life caulking between wood and stucco

As in all our projects, Scott Richardson of Richardson Painting and Pressure washing uses only the highest quality products for the job at hand.  This job was completed using Sherwin Williams exterior paint and exterior caulk that will keep its seal through exposure to the elements and extreme temperatures - something critical to protecting the life of the decorative wood timbers. 


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Westlake, OH: Exterior House Painting for Tudor Style Westlake Home
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